Rules for admission


Foreign citizens and people without citizenship have a right to study at high school on the basis of budget assignations according to international agreements of Russian Federation, as well as federal laws or the quote fixed by the Russian Federation for education of foreign citizens and people without citizenship (below – quote for education of foreign citizens), it is also being done on the basis of expenses of civilian and juridical persons in accordance with the agreements on giving financial aid for education.

Admittance for education within the quote for education of foreign citizens is fulfilled according to the directives of the federal institution of executive branch, which maintains state policy and regulates norms and laws in educational sphere.

Foreign citizens and people without citizenship in case they are our compatriots living abroad have a right to study at high school together with the citizens of Russian Federation in case they follow Article # 17 of May, 24 1999 “On the state policy of Russian Federation towards compatriots living abroad” of the Federal law (below – Federal law N 99-FЗ).

Entrance exams may be of two kinds. The University imposes two compulsory programs of education (for bachelor degree and specialist degree), which are chosen by the University according to Order  N 1204 of the corresponding specialization or impose extra entrance exams in accordance with the Rules, or exchange compulsory or extra exams for other entrance tests, according to point 23 of the Rules. The University itself settles the number of admittance of foreign students and people without citizenship and can hold a special contest for this number of places.

While applying to the University (in Russian) foreign citizens and people without citizenship should provide the following documents:

  1. The identifying document of a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship according to Article # 10 of the Federal law of July, 25 2002 N 115-FЗ “Оn a legal accommodation of foreign citizens in Russian Federation
  2. The original of the document of education or its certified copy, or the document of qualification recognized in Russia;
  3. Translated copy of the document of education certified by law department,
  4. Copies of other documents certified and proving that a person is living abroad and belongs to the groups according to Article # 17 of the Federal law № 99-FЗ
  5. 4 photos.

All the translations should be done for the name of a person written in an invitation visa.

The admittance of the foreign students for bachelor’s degree is realized from June, 20 till September, 5 or in fixed terms if there is a special quote for education, for Master’s degree there is held a written examination in a needed specialization from September 5 till September 10. The results are announced in 3 days. After the admission the students should pay for tuition until September, 15.

The order of admission is confirmed and published the next day.

The fixation of all the documents is done by the faculty of foreign education.

Dear students,

We are glad that you have chosen our University for studies. To provide you with the invitation to study we need the following documents:

  1. Copy of all pages of your passport translated into Russian and certified by the consulate of the Russian Federation.
  2. Copy of the document of education translated into Russian and certified by the consulate of the Russian Federation.
  3. The medical certificate with the results of tests for HIV and tuberculosis, translated into Russian and certified by the consulate of the Russian Federation.
  4. The filled form (in the appendix).

The language of training at the University is Russian. Therefore before applying for a Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the Dagestan State University you need to pass the preparatory course of Faculty of the International Education where you will learn Russian language and core subjects in the chosen specialty. The training cost at the preparatory faculty is about 50-60 thousands roubles per a year. Training on degree of the Master or Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy costs about 60000-80000 roubles a year.

The dormitory is available for an additional fee (about 7000 rubles per year). There are 2- and 3-bedrooms in the dormitory. There are kitchen and bathroom on each floor.

After the arrival to the University foreign citizens also pay the cost of health insurance 3000 roubles.

Welcome to our University!!!

Faculty of Foreign Education

Raziyat Tadzhibova – Dean, phone/fax: (8722) 562090
Asiyat Musalova – inspector in foreign students’ matters,
phone/fax: (8722) 562089; E-mail:

Russia, Republic of Daghestan,
367000, Маkhachkala,
2 Batyraya Str., Room 406.