Faculty of International Education

The preparatory department for foreign citizens is the structural department of the Faculty of International education (FIEof DSU which was founded in 1979. For 31 years of it existence the Preparatory Faculty of DSU has been rendering assistance to many countries in the training of specialists. During these years more than 2500 foreign citizens from different countries of the world graduated from this faculty. These are citizens from India, China, Afghanistan, Syria, Morocco, Yemen, Palestine, Nepal, Bangladesh and others. Some of them are successful in other higher educational institutions of Russia. Others having become qualified specialists work in different countries.

Educational and research work in the Faculty is held by the staff of two chairs: Russian language chair andCompulsory subjects’ chair. Preparatory programs are taught by experienced and well-qualified University staff using progressive and modern teaching methods.

The up-to-date methods are widely applied at the Preparatory Faculty. The curriculum is thoroughly organized. Laboratories and class-rooms are well equipped with a variety of technical means, visual aids and deductive materials.

At the initial stage students study only the Russian language and later they proceed to other subjects depending on the chosen specialty.

Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens is carrying out the training over 5 sections:
Technical section:
Russian language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science, Engineering Graphic, History and Culture of Russia
Economical section:
Russian language, Mathematics, Economics, Geography, Computer science, History and Culture of Russia
Humanitarian section:
Russian language, Literature, History and Culture of Russia, Geography, Computer science

Biomedical Section:

Russian Language, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, History, Biology.

Natural-science section:

Russian Language, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer science

Preparatory programs are taught by experienced and well-qualified University staff using progressive and modern teaching methods. Tuition is in small groups with a special emphasis on your particular needs.

You are trained to use computer facilities, including Computer-Assisted Language Learning, which are designed to enhance your learning skills.

After the Preparatory Faculty students can enroll in Bachelor or Specialist of Science programs of DSU of their choice or continue study in any Institutes of higher education of Russia.

Our University has worked out multilevel system enabling various kinds of educational services: admission to the university, obtaining Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees, postgraduate education, professional refresher courses and professional upgrading.

If students do not wish to learn at Preparatory department or to enter to university degree programs, it is possible to take programs listed as free-standing Russian language courses. They vary from between 10 weeks and 1 year. The duration of the course will depend upon your Russian language proficiency and academic qualifications.

There is a big scientific library which has collections that correspond with the subjects taught on at University. For loans and reference during term-time, library is open six day for an average nine hours a day.

To services of students is a Sport Center which has two sports halls. The sports that can be accommodated include badminton, basketball, table-tennis, volleyball, and athletics.

Students have opportunity to experience museums, a variety of exhibitions and theatres. They sing favorite Russian songs and recite poetry. The Preparatory department becomes one of the dearest places to our students.

All students are given help in finding accommodation. Foreign students are accommodated in University hostels (one bed in 2-3 people room) for the whole period of study. There is a family accommodation for students with families. The Accommodation Officer will also give advice and help if problem arise.

Students from overseas are an important part of the community of DSU has a growing undergraduate from many different countries. If you come as an international student at DSU, you can be sure that you will be warmly welcomed. You will have access to the best educational facilities and when you graduate you will have a qualification which is recognized throughout the world.

Contact details:

Address:  Makhachkala, 2-a Batyiraya Street
Tel.:  (8722) 56-20-90, 56-20-86
Fax:  (8722) 56-20-90
Web:   www.cmdp.dgu.ru
E-mail: cmdp@yandex.ru

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