Daghestan State University

Daghestan State University is the oldest main higher educational institution of the republic. It was founded in 1931. In the course of years of its formation and development the University played an outstanding role in the social and economic and cultural development of the peoples of Daghestan, in formation of the scientific and technical, pedagogical and creative intellectuals. Thereby, the University executed historical mission in the destiny of the peoples of Daghestan and Russia.

Today DSU is a large training, scientific and cultural center which carries out training of specialists in all educational levels. Since 2013 DSU carries out the training of specialists according to the programs of secondary professional education. Now the University conducts educational activities for programs of the higher education – according to 38 programs of Bachelor Degree, 3 programs of the Specialist training, 27 programs of a Magistracy. Besides, the University conducts preparation of the research and educational personnel in 15 directions (56 specialties) of postgraduate study.

The University nowadays is an innovative educational and scientific and organizational structure which includes 2 institutes, 16 faculties, 4 filial branches, 93 departments, 2 museums (biological and historical), the main (fundamental) library containing more than 2,5 million volumes, biological station, aqua-complex, planetarium, the center of collective use. The university also has base of resort on the seaside of the Caspian Sea, a sport-complex, the polyclinics and a dispensary.

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