Makhachkala is the city of Daghestan. It is situated on the Caspian seashore. It is a very beautiful city with contrasting architecture of old and …

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We try to conduct some research with our teachers supervising us. It is really interesting to do it and especially exciting when you get some positive results!

Leasure time

We also have some time to relax. Daghestan is rich in many picturesque places, such as The Caspian seaside, the Derbent Fortress, The Samursky Forest and others. It is a fun to go there with our teachers and enjoy ourselves!

Russian classes

We have Russian classes every day. That’s why in a month or two all the students can speak a good Russian and we love it!

We provide courses of Russian for those who wish to learn Russian here. The cost of the studies is 7000 Russian rubles per month. The term of studies can be of three, six or ten months.

Meet Daghestan!

Republic of Daghestan, a part of the Russian Federation, is located in the North Caucasus and the border is part of the South of Russia. It is bordered by land and the Caspian Sea to the five states – Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran. Neighbors within the Russian Federation Stavropol Territory, Kalmykia and Chechnya.

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Our Testimonials

  • Hi! I’m a Turkish student. Now I am the post-graduate student of history of the Caucasus in Tula State University. But I do not lose ties with Daghestan State University, and often send cards and greetings to my teachers, whom I love greatly. I’m sure that this University gives a very good knowledge of many subjects necessary for further education and I recommend all the readers of this site who want to study abroad, to study at Daghestan State University

    - Ozturk Fatikh, Turkey
  • We study maths and we like it here. We became sure that in Daghestan we can get not only a good chance to study and get good knowledge, but also to travel throughout the country and enjoy its wonderful places.

    - Glorius and her brother Julien, Court’d’Ivoire
  • I study law at the faculty of Law. I enjoy studying here and get usually only good and excellent marks. I came to Daghestan from Zimbabwe and I nearly do not feel much difference in general atmosphere and I feel here at home

    - Mitchel, Zimbabwe